Kurt Olson is FarmLand Real Estate and Management’s primary insurance agent. Since becoming a licensed crop insurance agent in 1997, he has worked with a wide variety of farmers and landowners. His diverse background has generated a unique perspective on matching insurance products with the client’s individual coverage needs, making him an expert analyst and advisor.

Our Services

We will help you:

  1. Assess and choose the right insurance plan
  2. Collect and maintain your farm production records that will be used for government farm programs and for determining future lost claims
  3. Navigate the numerous deadlines and filing criteria
  4. File all the necessary forms and claims on a timely basis

Personalized Service

No two farming operations are alike, nor are their insurance needs. We work with our clients to provide services in accordance with how they choose to run their operation. Based on their individual goals and expectations, we help our clients find the right coverage.

Our Strengths

The complex process of selecting an insurance policy can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. However, we educate our clients about the many aspects of crop insurance so that they will feel comfortable and confident about any decisions that are made. We are especially skilled at breaking down and explaining the intricacies of the various plans to make sure our clients understand what is available.

FarmLand Real Estate and Management is not represented by aggressive sales agents; instead we take a personal, low-key approach and have a strong reputation of being honest and trustworthy.

We are always available for our clients to discuss their policies and to provide consultation and administrative support. They also remain updated and informed with timely reviews and reports.