Owner, Kurt Olson has been a trusted advisor and consultant as a Farm and Ag Business Manager since 1978.

Services Offered

Each landowner has their own vision of how they would like to grow their investment, and FarmLand Real Estate and Management’s goal is to develop solutions that enable our clients to recognize the opportunities available to them. We maintain that every parcel of land has its own potential for growth and are committed to enabling our clients to realize the full return on their investment.

After careful analysis of the property, we take the time to explain the various options available and to break down how they would impact you. By working in partnership, our goal is to provide the client with the guidance and level of support needed to set their own farm policy.

Management Services and Maintenance - Once the plans and policies are made, we can provide any or all management duties, to include:

  1. Tenant (operator) selection
  2. Seed, fertilizer, and production input selection
  3. Planning and supervision of crop production
  4. Marketing of grain and/or livestock
  5. Bill paying, bookkeeping, and account management
  6. Communication through regular reports and timely updates
  7. Year-end accounting reports
  8. Consultation on taxes, financial, or any other ownership issues
  9. Regular in-depth financial reports that break down the content in a readable, easily-understood manner

We are proud to say that, in the last 34 years, we have never lost a client due to dissatisfaction with our services.

The Advantages of FarmLand Real Estate and Management

  1. We understand the importance of matching the farming operation to our clients individual expectations and tolerance to risk.
  2. Owner Kurt Olson is meticulous and strategic in his approach to the development and implementation of farm operating plans.
  3. We are committed to educating the client before any decisions are made.
  4. FarmLand has a strong, lasting reputation for being honest and trustworthy, and we have not earned it by recommending self-serving policies or by following the easiest route. We are always willing to share our opinions and suggestions about what we would personally do if we were in the client’s position.
  5. Owner Kurt Olson has an exceptionally broad background in the agricultural industry that can be matched by few.
  6. Rather than passing off your policy to support personnel or exposing your investment to opportunities for oversight and error, you can be assured it is always being handled by the same experienced manager.
  7. We provide the management services typical of a large company with the personal approach of a small business.
"It is a pleasure to work with Kurt Olson, a farm manager who always has the best interest of our farm as his priority. He is easy to reach and consistently puts in a great deal of time into making our farm
the best it can be. He is honest and reliable and he is committed to making our family farm, Kiernan Farms, a success."

Mary Beth Kiernan Craven | Kiernan Farms

"With the advice and guidance provided by FarmLand Real Estate, this has become an efficient and productive investment. Trusted, professional management is essential to maximize potential opportunity in agriculture. FarmLand Real Estate has certainly provided this for me."

Dr. Joe Ewing | Land Owner